WooCommerce vs. Shopify


Shopify is a very popular online store building platform and has powered over 600,000 business from the report of Shopify. WooCommerce is a WordPress free plugin to realize online business with downloading volume over 30,000,000 times. 

Some people wonder which one is the best option to use when building an online business presence. 

Firstly, both of them can help people build up an online business presence very rapidly without any problem.

Just there is very little difference between both of them:

  •  Shopify doesn’t need finding a host to have a website, WooCommerce needs one host to build a website and install WooCommerce plugin


  • All necessary technical jobs will be performed and finished by Shopify team member, things like SSL certificate installation, website security. Users mainly focus on product information, adjust display appearance, adjust the price to be more competitive in the market. WooCommerce on the contrary, users have to consider choosing the right theme and other some plugins to have vivid display appearance and necessary functionalities, also have to consider other technical issues, such as SSL certificate purchase and installation, how to improve website security, also how to make sales over other sales channels, like Amazon, eBay, Wish, Walmart, Tesco, etc. Also one has to consider how to integrate the socail media platform to shout out to reach more audience.  In other Words, one should be much techier than Shopify. 


  •  As WooCommerce is based on WordPress with excellent  SEO           features to get good ranking on search engine with implication of     more traffic, more potential customers, such as  Google, Bing,           Yahoo,  Yandex and so on. Also, there are tonnes of plugins and       technical documents to let the WooCommerce store become more   search-engine friendly.    Shopify is not that easy like              WooCommerce.    

In summary, WooCommerce and Shopify all can realize almost similar functional online store. WooCommerce is more flexible than Shopify to tailor up for customer varied need. However, WooCommerce needs more IT, Website related technical skills than Shopify. Another key difference is WooCommerce is completely free and Shopify costs.


Finally, introduce 2 Youtube videos to help reader to make more sense about the WooCommerce and Shopify.





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