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For almost every online marketing campaign or activity, traffic is the key to keep business success and sustain further development. How to get enough online traffic is becoming a big challenge for whoever conducts the online business.  So this is becoming a very hot topic seen or met in website blog, forum, social media platform, nearly everywhere.  Giants in the Internet world, always dominate the main traffic sources since they control the Internet inlets since most people have to use their service, things like Search Engine, content, dominantly powerful platform and tool.   Accounting for all major traffic gaining methods, SEO, SEM, social media marketing, email marketing, solo Ad., Paid Ad. and offline marketing promotion, all are with the same purpose for Traffic. There are one key factor for every kind of traffic acquiring is content, which is related to the key features for promoted product and service, crucial description information about the business nature and value. So drilling down, the content is always a big challenging for almost every kind of business no matter the scales. There is an excellent Content-based online marketing tool, named Sniply. It can easily, flexibly embed a customized link – herein called Call To Action(CTA) into nearly any kind web page so just prompt certain webpages, the business can reach a goal to make a nice business campaign.   

Snip.ly is a powerful new tool that allows you to use content curation to drive targeted traffic to your website.

It is nothing like bit.ly. Sure, they are both link shorteners but Snip.ly is a much more powerful tool.

Let’s face it, we all spend way too much time on the Internet reading and sharing articles, right? Imagine if we could use some of those shares to drive some traffic back to our own websites/blogs. Sound great? Well, that is exactly what Snip.ly does.


free online marketing tool from sniply - recommended by Kayenre Tech


Snip.ly is essentially a tool that you could use to share an awesome piece of content written by an influencer in your industry and use it to drive a wave of targeted traffic to your siteSo every time you share any kind of article (technical or otherwise) on any social network, instead of sharing the original link you share the Snip.ly link, which allows the destination page to have a call to action at the bottom of the page, directing the reader to the desired landing page on your own website.


Step-By-Step Guide to Start Using Snip.ly

Here is how you can start using Snip.ly:

1.Sign up for a free account:
Head over to Snip.ly and sign up for a free account.


2. Find a piece of content you want to share on your social media sites:
It is recommended to share an article that is related to your blog/business, but it isn’t mandatory. This way the readers who land on the original article’s page are likely audiences for your website too, increasing the chances of conversion. Lets say you work in the mobile space and want to share this article: “5 creative best practices to double mobile ad revenue” by Clickz.



3. Copy the URL of this article into Snip.ly:
Paste the URL of this article into the Snip.ly bar on the homepage of the website. You could also paste it in the dashboard once you log in.


4. Click the “snip” button and customize the box that pops up:


This is where the magic happens. This box is basically where you can customize the CTA that pops up at the bottom of the original article being shared. Here you should put the title and URL of your own landing page you want the reader to go to.


5. Click “create” and copy the custom snip.ly URL:
Congratulations, you have created your first snip! You can now share this link on any of the social media sites you wish.


6. Share the Snip.ly link:

Copy the snipped link and go to your chosen social media website(s) and share the snip.ly link instead of the original Clickz link with suitable text:

All Snip.ly accounts come with a neat analytics dashboard. The dashboard gives you some good data like: Number of snips created, number of clicks generated, average time on the page etc. The dashboard looks something like this: 



Snip.ly Analytics

All Snip.ly accounts come with a neat analytics dashboard. The dashboard gives you some good data like: Number of snips created, number of clicks generated, average time on the page, etc. The dashboard looks something like this:



The snip.ly dashboard has all the data you need to know to identify what “snips” worked and what didn’t. It is a convenient place to manage all your snips in one place and monitor how much traffic your snips are generating.

There is Google Chrome plugin to apply Sniply function more easily and conveniently when certain hot contents to be shared somewhere.



Sniply Also supports automatically adding predefined Snip onto all outbound link from one website by setting on the control panel under registered Sniply user. Obviously, this feature is crucial for some marketer.  Sniply also can seamlessly work with Buffer(one famous content sharing tool to social media platform) in an easy way to automatically add predefined Snip when sharing contents to a social media account.    

Overall, Sniply is a powerful online marketing tool worth of every business considers to drive and collect tonnes of traffic towards the business.