Test any web font on any web site to see how it looks: TypeWonder

Free web app allows you to see instantly, without installing anything, how different fonts look on any website you choose.

Key features:

  • Select any URL
  • Apply the font you want from a wide list of popular typefaces
  • No registration or login required
  • Works amazingly well right out of the box

100% free.

My comment: Extremely useful web utility makes it a breeze to check and test different fonts and typefaces on just any website you want to. Very simple to use. Recommended.

Try it out now: http://typewonder.com/

Browser extensions (Chrome, Firefox, Safari): http://typewonder.com/extensions

Associated utility: http://typewonder.com/typetester (allows you to easily how any font looks online at the size and style you desire. Useful.)