Identify bouncing emails in your newsletter distribution list: TheChecker

Web app is designed to help in getting rid of email bounces in order to reach more customers (more bounces you have in your newsletter email list, the more it can be blocked or filtered by automatic spam filters. For example if only 10% of the emails you send your newsletters to are invalid, less than 44% will be delivered).

"1 out of 5 emails is not delivered due to problems related to IP and domains. We run a thorough email list cleaning to remove them and protect your sender reputation."

A tiny ~5% bounce rate can get you blocked by the ESPs. Our single and bulk email list cleaning tool gets you protected to improve inbox deliverability and reduce bounce rate."

Key features:

  • Bulk email checker (identifies emails that will bounce)
  • Deduplication (eliminates duplicates)
  • Upload in any one of these formats TXT, CSV, XLS, or XLSX
  • Validate email the moment they are submitted
  • Integrates with Mailchimp, Aweber, GetResponse, Zapier and many others
  • API available

Free trial for up to 100 emails.


My comment: Handy and cost-effective marketing utility helps marketing managers keep email distribution lists as clean as possible by identifying and eliminating bad emails. Recommended.

Try it out now: