Free SEO Tool – KeyWord EveryWhere

KeyWord Everywhere is a free browser extension for Google Chrome and Firefox, with a search volume of  15+ websites like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Moz, Majestic, YouTube, Amazon & more.   Offered information includes useful google keyword search volume and cost per click data on multiple websites.



This tool saves you the hassle of copying data from various websites and using the Google AdWords keyword planner to see relevant search volume and CPC data. 



These websites listed below are currently supported and more websites will be added by the developer.

  • Google Search – data are shown under the Search Box and in the right  hand side (People also ask for & related keywords)
  • Google Search Console – data shown in the Search Analytics page
  • Google Analytics – data shown in the Organic and Search Engine  Optimization -> Queries pages – Google Trends – data shown in the queries widget – Google Search – data shown under main keyword as well as related searches
  • YouTube – data shown under the search box
  • Bing – data shown under the search box 
  • Amazon – data shown under the search box 
  • Ebay – data shown under the search box 
  • – data are shown in the popup on each spoke of the wheel, data also shown in the alphabetic listings
  • – data shown next to each keyword all over the page 
  • – data shown under the main text area next to keywords
  • Majestic – Anchor Text Report 
  • Moz Open Site Explorer – Anchor Text Report The tool also allows the user to get keyword metrics for any list of keywords 


All keyword and metrics information, the users can download the list in Excel, CSV or PDF file formats.

KeyWord Everything is applicable for Google Chrome and FireFox, users with interesting just get it from the relevant online store and start a new journey.