Discover, search and listen to your favorite podcasts: Podbay

Podcast discovery, search and playback inside your browser with no tool or plugin to download or install.

Key features include:

✅- Search for any podcast, title, author, topic

✅- Listen directly to any episode

✅- Control playback speed

✅- Fast rewind or forward (15")

✅- Explore by genre

✅- Browse complete episodes list for any podcast

✅- Queue for later any episode

✅- It works even without registering or logging in

100% free.

My comment: Does everything you expect from a podcast player without adding new software on your hard disk. I have tried on Chrome and Firefox, and aside a little waiting time (depending on the podcast chosen. Some take a little time to start, others just playback instantly), I have been able to search, find, access and listen to my favorite podcast without problems. It works as it should. Worth trying.

Try it out now: