Custom music tracks for your videos and podcasts generated with AI: Evoke

Free music library generated with AI offers the possibility to find and download tracks that fit your specific needs and requirements.

Ideal for those who produce video or podcasts and need a royalty-free inexpensive source of quality music.

Key features:

✅- Unlimited use of the music tracks produced by Evoke. 100% royalty free.

✅- Find relevant music tracks by searching with keywords

✅- Specify music genres that fit your needs

✅- Upload Evoke music tracks anywhere without having to pay anything.

✅- Growing library of music tracks generated by AI.

✅- Pro version allows you to monetize the music tracks you publish to YouTube.

Free version available. Does everything you want if you are looking for music tracks.


My comment: I am impressed by the good quality of the music tracks I have found on Evoke Music. They not only do fit my