Create a maker-portfolio of your tools, apps or websites: MakerWing

Web app makes it very easy to create a one-page website where to collect and showcase your "maker" portfolio, by displaying screenshots of your tools, apps or websites.

Ideal for any developer / website builder / entrepreneur who is looking for a simple way to showcase publicly his best work.

Key features:

✅- Add any URL you want and display it as a screenshot in your portfolio

✅- Supports personal picture and basic info (location and description)

✅- Can add as many tools/projects/websites as you like

✅- Add your LinkedIN, Twitter and Github profile links

100% free version.

Pro version coming (it will add option to upload your own custom images, custom domain and no Makerwing branding).

My comment: Supersimple maker portfolio builder. Easy, fast, essential. It definitely does what it promises without getting in the way.

Try it out now: