Best Drag and Drop WordPress Builders

Building a successful website requires more than the ability to deliver high-quality content, products, or services to your intended audience. Using the right tools and resources to develop a robust, appealing, and relevant website is essential to stand out from potential competition while building your company's brand and online presence. With the use of WordPress and the right drag and drop WordPress builder, take your website's functionality and features to the next level.

WordPress is one of the most popular and free CMS (Content Management Systems) available for individuals and businesses today.

A CMS solution is optimal for those who are interested in launching any type of website without programming and coding knowledge or experience. Even experienced programmers utilize CMS solutions such as WordPress for the immense benefits and advantages they offer.

Some of the most notable reasons to work with WordPress on your next website include:

  • Complete Layout Control: WordPress provides thousands of free and premium themes to choose from to suit any business or brand's appearance. Themes are easy to install and often only require one click to get started. Update WordPress themes using a drag and drop builder and with simple changes that can be easily accessed from your website's administrative area.
  • Improved SEO: WordPress is designed to help boost a website's SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Even if you are inexperienced in SEO, WordPress removes the guesswork involved in the process. Boost your website's SEO by adding proper headers, tags, descriptions, and links with each piece of content you publish. Use free installable WordPress plugins to better optimize your website in a flash.
  • Mobile-Friendly and Responsive Layouts: Creating a website that is mobile-friendly and responsive is essential to avoid alienating an entire possible audience. Many users spend most of their time browsing online with the use of their mobile smartphone or tablet device. Ensuring your website loads properly for all users regardless of the size of their device and browser is a must. WordPress themes are designed to remain mobile-friendly without requiring additional programming from you.
  • Plugins: Want to create a portfolio that showcases your professional skills? Are you looking to integrate social media buttons with each of your blog posts? Do you want to launch an online forum while building an online community? WordPress has thousands of free and premium plugins that have been created by other users from around the globe. Installing plugins provides more creative freedom and flexibility while you build a website with all of the features and functionality you desire.
  • WordPress is a free CMS platform that allows anyone to get started immediately without a major investment or working alongside freelance web developers and designers. Even if you do not have previous web design and development experience, it is possible to get started with WordPress free of charge and in less time.
  • Support and Community: The WordPress community is packed with professional programmers and developers who are happy to help and assist those who are in need. Turn to WordPress support forums to learn more about a specific plugin or to seek help with tweaking a layout for your brand or business. The WordPress community is one of the most notable online communities that provide help free of charge in most cases.

What is a WordPress Drag and Drop Builder?

Drag and drop WordPress builders provide immense freedom and flexibility when developing a blog, portfolio website, or even an eCommerce store for your own items and services. Using a drag and drop WordPress builder is one of the best ways to get started with your own website, even if you do not have the programming knowledge or experience necessary to build a website from scratch.

With a drag and drop WordPress builder, see a visual of your website's layout while rearranging buttons, text, comment sections, and images to design a look that is just right for your website's purpose. Drag and drop WordPress builders help those who are unfamiliar with programming design a website that is professional and complete with all of the features you want to implement. Using a drag and drop builder designed for WordPress also helps to save time while eliminating the risk of overspending on a professional web designer and developer.

Top WordPress Drag and Drop Builders

While WordPress has always been free to the public, premium drag and drop builders may require a one-time fee or an ongoing subscription to use them (depending on your needs and the functionality of your website). Choosing the right drag and drop WordPress builder highly depends on your website's purpose and how you prefer to work behind the scenes. Here are some of our top pics for drag and drop WordPress builders currently on the marketplace:


Elementor is one of the most modern WordPress drag and drop builders that offers both a free and premium version. Visualize the look of your website with ease once you have accessed the backend of your WordPress installation. Drag and drop images, text, and even entire sections in your design to create a look that is suitable for your website and intended audience.

Some of the most key features included with the Elementor drag and drop builder include:

  • Mobile-Friendly Capabilities: Elementor provides layouts and themes that are designed to work on mobile and tablet devices. Mobile-friendly designs are essential when you want to maximize your website's online reach.
  • Premade Templates: Use one of the premade templates provided by Elementor to get started with a design that is right for you. Elementor comes with a complete library of templates that work for personal and professional websites.
  • Front-End Visual Editor: For many individuals, designing a website is difficult if there is not a visual aid to showcase progression before publishing a page. Using Elementor eliminates the guesswork involved in developing a layout from scratch. Use Elementor's front-end visual editor to quickly drag and drop items on your website in real-time with immediate updates and results.
  • Works With Translation Plugins: If you want to create a website that offers translation options, Elementor delivers. Elementor is currently compatible with multiple translation plugins including Polyland and WPML to create websites that work around the world.
  • Custom CSS: If you are interested in customizing your website's design even further, Elementor allows for custom CSS modifications. Create your own CSS file or edit existing CSS templates to integrate your brand's colors or to work with a color scheme you prefer (rather than feeling stuck with premade template options).

Price: One of the benefits of choosing Elementor is the ability to use the product free of charge. While a free version is available, a premium upgrade (with additional features) is also purchasable for a one-time fee of $49.

WP Bakery Page Builder

WP Bakery Page Builder is one of the first popular builders that became available for WordPress. Its front-editing features and included premium templates make this option extremely appealing for those who are interested in beautiful, elegant, and modern website layouts. Some of the additional features provided with WP Bakery Page Builder include:

  • Template Library: Utilize one of many free premade templates provided by WP Bakery to get your website off of the ground in less time. Many premium templates are also provided with the purchase of WP Bakery, adding to the appeal of WP Bakery's user base.
  • Front-End Editor: If you prefer designing your website's layout with a visual aid, WP Bakery offers an extensive front-end visual editor that is easy to use even if you are inexperienced with web design and programming.
  • Works With Translation Programs: For users who want their websites to appeal to individuals from around the globe, WP Bakery supports translation plugins. Currently, WP Bakery is fully compatible with WPML, one of the most common and popular translation plugins available for WordPress.
  • Customize Your Website's CSS: Customizing and updating your website's CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) provides you with immense creative freedom and flexibility while you are in the design process of your site's layout. WP Bakery allows the editing of premade CSS files while also allowing users to upload their own CSS files coded from scratch. Create any layout and design for your website that you envision with customized CSS options available with WP Bakery.

Price: Currently, the premium version of WP Bakery is available for $46. However, there is also a free version of WP Bakery that also includes free templates and layouts (but does not include premium templates available with actual purchase).

Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder for WordPress is notorious for its easy-to-use platform and front-end editor. Having the ability to view your website's layout as you continuously implement sections and new content is one of the biggest appeals of the Beaver Builder drag and drop WordPress solution. Some of the most popular features provided by Beaver Builder include:

  • Custom CSS Classes and IDs: Get creative with the look and feel of each individual layout you create using Beaver Builder with customized CSS classes and IDs. Having the ability to implement your own IDs and CSS classes provides you with more creative flexibility if you have a vision for the layout and design you want to build for your website. Custom CSS classes and IDs allow you to work outside of the premade layouts and templates that come with Beaver Builder for WordPress.
  • Visual Front-End Builder: Watch your website's design transform as you go with Beaver Builder's front-end editor. See the progress and changes you make with each update in real-time using the built-in visual editor.
  • Template Collection: Take advantage of a variety of free and premium premade layouts and templates that are optimized for any type of website (whether you are creating a personal blog or promoting your very own business).
  • Shortcode and Widget Compatability: If you are a fan of using WordPress shortcodes and widgets, Beaver Builder is an ideal solution for you. Beaver Builder is compatible with a wide range of traditional and modern shortcodes along with classic WordPress widgets for seamless integration.

Price: Currently, Beaver Builder for WordPress is available free of charge for those who are interested in trying the solution before upgrading to the premium version. A premium version of Beaver Builder drag and drop for WordPress runs $99 and also includes additional premium templates and layouts that are unavailable with the free version provided.

Upfront Builder

Upfront Builder is not the same as other drag and drop WordPress solutions. Using Upfront Builder requires an ongoing paid subscription and can feel limiting when it comes to choosing a template or premade layout for your site. With Upfront Builder, users are required to utilize a specific template: WPMU DEV. WPMU DEV is the official template made available for Upfront Builder, used as a base to build all websites that take advantage of the solution. While you may feel Upfront Builder does not offer enough choices when it comes to selecting a layout or template, it is important to note that the builder is extremely flexible and can be utilized to create just about any look and feel. Some of the key features included with Upfront Builder are:

  • Live Updates: Edit any website that you are currently using the official Upfront template on in real-time. Save your edits and customizations as you work to avoid losing data.
  • Automatic Generation: Automatically generate pages for your website in just a few seconds (often done in real-time). With automatic generation, create new pages with varying layouts and looks to build a robust and complex website in less time.
  • Responsive Design Support: Wih a growing number of online users browsing using their table devices and mobile phones, launching a responsive website is imperative. Upfront builder supports responsive designs and is consistently updated to meet today's design standards.
  • Additional Layout Library: All users who are currently subscribed to Upfront Builder gain access to layouts and designs that have been created and shared by other members of the community. Short on ideas or inspiration? Head over to the Upfront Builder community to quickly download and install fresh layouts and template designs that work for you and your business or brand.

Price: Unfortunately, the Upfront Builder does not currently offer a free solution to access the tools and services it provides. Currently, Upfront Builder is only available to individuals who are official WPMU DEV subscribers. The cost of Upfront Builder is $49 each month, which also provides additional access to the WPMU DEV website and its growing community of users.

Divi Builder

The Divi Builder is a drag and drop WordPress builder to follow and keep an eye on. Its modern approach to designing websites has both web designers and developers raving. Divi Builder not only offers a front-end visual editor for easy drag and drop updates, but also a back-end editing tool that is optimal for those who are interested in getting even more involved with the creation and development of their website.

Some of the most popular features available with Divi Builder include:

  • Theme Library: Instantly gain access to a wide range of layouts and themes that are suitable for personal blogs, eCommerce storefronts, and even corporate websites that represent your brand. Choose from a myriad of templates available while also retaining the ability to edit and update them as you see fit.
  • Responsive Layouts: Use Divi Builder to ensure that your website is responsive and mobile-friendly before launching and going live. Responsiveness prevents eliminating an entire audience of mobile and tablet users who are browsing for the content, services, or products you offer. A responsive and mobile-friendly layout is essential to maximize your online reach.
  • Enhanced Editor: Not only does Divi Builder provide a robust and easy-to-use front-end visual editor for your website, but it also provides users with a simplified back-end editor. Editing the back-end of your website has never been easier than with Divi Builder's real-time editor.
  • Flexible Templates: If you are unsatisfied with the current templates and layouts provided by Divi Layout, take advantage of its flexible editing system. Edit, update, and change any template you are currently using for your website in an instant using Divi Builder. Divi Builder promotes layout flexibility to fit any vision without the hassle.
  • Custom CSS Elements: If creating your own CSS file is important to you, consider giving Divi Builder a chance. Divi Builder not only allows for customized CSS files, but works to integrate customized CSS elements into multiple areas of your website. Take complete control of your website's look and aesthetic with Divi Builder.

Price: There is not currently a free version of Divi Builder available on the market. However, subscribers of Elegant Themes gain instant access to use Divi Builder for their websites (both personal and professional sites are permitted). The cost of a premium membership to Elegant Themes is currently $89 each year, making it one of the most affordable premium solutions for those interested in a subscription-based solution.

While building a brand new website requires effort and the ability to bring a vision into reality, it does not have to feel stressful and overwhelming with the help of a WordPress drag and drop builder. Taking the time to review and compare today's top drag and drop WordPress builders is a way to feel comfortable with and confident in your decision once you begin creating a website of your own.

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