Analyze your online personal brand key character traits:

Discover more about who you are, based on what you say, share and publish online. Web app allows you to explore and analyze your personality by looking into the history of your social media accounts.

Ideal to analyze and question your public persona, personal brand, character and attitude as to make appropriate corrections where needed.

Key features:

✅- See what your social posts reveal about your personality

✅- Supports Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and Peepeth

Free version supports Twitter only and limited history scan.

Paid version adds:

✅- Your key five personality traits

✅- Personality matches (see who is like you)

✅- Your values

✅- Your motivating needs

✅- Your preference predictions

✅- Descriptors based on trait combinations

✅- Most used words in your posts

✅- Grade level / readability report

✅- Your posting timeline

✅- Your daily and weekly behavior

✅- Pronoun usage (I/me/my index & gender bias)


My comment: I found KnowYourself to be pretty accurate in evaluating my personality traits online as they finely reflect who I am and what I am trying to communicate. I would definitely recommend trying this tool out and evaluating whether it could provide a useful tool for questioning and improving your communication strategy online.

Try it out now: