Add depth-of-field, blurring and bokeh effects to any photo, after-the-fact: Dpth

Android and iOS app allows to shoot photos on your smartphone and to decide after the fact what to keep in focus and what not.

Key features:

  • Control precise where to let the focus fall
  • Set the distance range of objects that will remain in focus
  • Adjust the amount of blurring to apply to what is out of focus

Free base version does all of the above.

Paid version (monthly sub) adds option to reposition viewing position/perspective of the subject captured after-the-fact.

My comment: Nifty little app does one thing and it does it pretty good. Through its AI engine, DPTH can indeed reconstruct in 3D the space captured in the image allowing you to decide - after-the-fact - where to let the focus of your lens specifically fall. Excellent to obtain wonderful bokeh effects as if shot with much higher end and more expensive cameras.

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